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Our philosophy

We are passionate about oakwood and we are known for excellence in wood processing. Oak requires a proper level of dedication, focus and respect: after all, it takes 140 years to go from an acorn to an oakwood interior detail.

Respect for oak

Respect for wood starts from raw material selection and responsible purchasing. It continues through the entire production process up to the end-product, whether it is a plank, a door, or a staircase.

Professional team

Our customers appreciate our professionalism. Comprehensive consultations at the showroom, thorough execution of orders at the production stage as well as precise and flawless installation help us guarantee a hassle-free experience for our customers. Twenty years of experience, continuous improvement and the opportunities to learn from the very best in the industry allow our team of specialists to bring the warmth of natural oak to your home.

Focus on quality

We ensure strict quality control at all stages of execution: from wood selection, shipping and precise technological cycle of wood preparation to manufacturing, professional installation and warranty.

State-of-the-art production

High quality natural European oak doors, flooring and stairs are manufactured at the company Ecowood which is a member of our group. Experience, constant development, passion for oak, mastery are essential qualities of Ecowood team.

Highest-quality oakwood

Oakwood is a limited natural resource. We only use premium-quality mature oakwood over 100 years old which is processed at our own sawmill and we ensure highest levels of quality control from start to finish.

Slowest-drying modes

Wood drying is an important preparatory stage in wood processing which determines the durability of the end product. For this reason, we only choose the best dryers from reliable manufacturers. We dry our wood under slowest drying modes and ensure continuous temperature and humidity control.

Latest equipment and technology

We use state-of-the-art production equipment and technology. Our robotic machine tools perform precision cutting of intricately designed staircases or door components according to computerised drawings. We have invested EUR 2.5 million in our production facilities.

We sell our products across Lithuania and beyond

Our products are appreciated by customers not only in Lithuania but also in other EU countries. Our interior design solutions are recognised across Europe as a unique fusion of traditional charm and subtle luxury.


Join us

We are a dynamic and growing team of expert craftsmen who specialise in oakwood and who are committed to a shared value-oriented philosophy. We value knowledge and experience but, most importantly, the intrinsic motivation for self-improvement and self-development. To be professional is a never-ending journey we are all embarking upon.

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